Desktop force/displacement testers record both force and displacement. Programming is facilitated by the unique program dial using plain language menu screens. The jog movement moves the sensor .05mm for each click of the program dial (under no load). Program speed for test and return speeds, high/low setpoints, force holding duration, number of cycles and the following functions:

  • - Stop at set force, hold for set duration, capture both force and displacement values and return to start position
  • - Maintain force between high/low setpoints, hold for set duration, capture force and displacement values, return and repeat cycle.
  • - Automatically start measuring displacement at a pre-programmed force value.

Mini material testers are portable, check both force and displacement and can record data to USB flash drives.

Imada Material Testers in Canada


Integrated Force & Displacement Testers

The very rigid IMADA FSA-K2 Force/Displacement Testers (110 lbf - 275lbf and 550 lbf models) are complete test systems which can be configured for a...
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Ultra Rigid Force/Displacement Tester

This ultra rigid Material Tester with programmable travel distance combines the capabilities of EMX test stand with FA sensor and Imada ZTA force gage.
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Portable Mini-Material tester (stroke 80mm max.)

The FSA-MSL is ideal for tests requiring very small movement, like switch tests. The tester also features a reversible base plate, allowing the tester to...
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