We sell Imada digital tachometers and LED Stroboscopes in Canada, especially in Toronto Great Area. These portable Imada Instruments are able to provide fast and accurate non-contact RPM and surface speed measurements of rotating objects with high accuracy and fast results. The Imada Stroboscopes are ideal instruments for inspecting and measuring the speed of moving gears, fans, centrifuges,etc.

Imada Tachometers & LED Stroboscopes in Canada


LED Stroboscope with Selectable Flash Duration

The NS-600 LED stroboscope is designed to measure the speed of rotating or cycling linear motion objects without contact or reflective tape, as well as...
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LED Stroboscope (Discontinued)

The brightest, hand held, fully featured LED stroboscope in a compact design. The ESL-100 series LED stroboscope is designed to measure the speed of...
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Super Enhanced Brightness LED Stroboscope

ESL-200 is a super bright, battery operated, LED stroboscope designed to measure and observe rotating, reciprocating and linear motion in a variety of...
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EHT-600 Series

Digital Tachometer

The EHT-600 tachometer features exceptional resolution at low speeds and statistics. It also features four measuring modes: Real time displays the current...
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Digital Surface Speed Meter

The IMADA surface speed meter was designed for accurate surface speed measurements with high resolution and good accuracy.The system features anti-slip...
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