Imada has many pre-configured test systems for dedicated testing of a particular force testing application.

Imada Force Testers in Canada


Embossed Carrier Tape Peel Tester

IPT-200 peel testers use a combination of screw drive and state-of-the-art brushless motor that provide extremely smooth and powerful operation over the...
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Mechanical Puncture Tester (50-100 lbf)

The mechanical puncture tester is mounted with a puncture test fixture to check the puncture resistance or hardness of materials like dry wall, foam...
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Lever Operated Compression Tester

This lever operated systems (test stand and force gage) allows for quick and repeatable compression testing. it is ideal for rapid testing of compression...
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Wheel Operated Compression Tester

Combining the DS2 Digital force gage with the HV-110 test stand, this Wheel Operated Compression Tester is suitable for force tests up to 110 lbf where a...
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WCP Series

Wine Cork Pull Tester

This Wine Cork Pull Tester with Imada Digital Force Gauge features 1000 data memory for recall, programmable High/Low setpoints and quick bottle...
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Horizontal Wire Pull Tester

Horizontal Straight Pull Crimp Tester was designed specifically to test the pull-off force of wire terminal connectors and includes gripping attachments.
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Optical Fiber Pull Tester

The IMADA Optical Fiber Pull Tester is specially designed to perform pull tests on delicate optical fibers in the manufacturing environment that requires...
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Lever Operated Vertical Crimp Tester

This Vertical Tester is a perfect combination beteween NLV-220 vertical test stand and DS2 Digital Force Gauce for checking the pull-off force values of...
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