Imada cap torque testers measure cap tightening or loosening. The DTXS series cap torque tester can be used for rapid cap testing. The MTG allows for more accurate and repeatable results by maintaining a constant capping speed. Both testers have several ranges up to 85 lbf-in.

Imada Cap Torque Testers in Canada

DTX2 Series

Manual Cap Torque Testers (up to 85 lbf-in)

Imada’s cap torque tester offers programmable high/low setpoints for go/no-go testing. ORANGE lights up for measurements less than Low setpoint, GREEN for...
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DTXS Series

Digital Cap Torque Testers (up to 85lbf-in)

This Imada digital cap torque tester with the USB output and 1,000 data memory is able to do torque testers up to 85 lbf-in.
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MTG Series

Motorized Cap Torque Tester

This Imada Motorized Cap Torque Tester can measure in both clockwise or counterclockwise directions. Imada MTG is ideal for bottle cap torque testing,...
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