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Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester

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Accredited calibration/NIST traceable calibration certificate for Imada DI-12-SL Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester might be available on request (for an extra charge). Please contact us for more info.

Imada Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester: instrument description

The IMADA DI-12 Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester can be used to verify the actual tightened torque of a bolt. Torque controlled power tools are set to apply consistent torque, but fasteners are not necessarily tightened to that value if the tools are out of calibration. Breakaway torque tests require a skilled, experienced operator to sense when the bolt begins to breakaway.

The IMADA DI-12 automates this complex operation. Once breakaway torque is measured, power drivers can be reset to the proper tightening torque. DI-12 Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester drives the test piece at consistent speed and detects breakaway torque without overtorquing pretightened fasteners.

Operation Modes

The tester features three measurement modes: TR, PP and PD. TR displays real time torque values. PP Displays peak torque values. PD determines breakway and yield torque (CW only). If breakaway torque value is detected, the green indicator will light, and tester rotation will stop automatically. The DI-12 outputs torque data continuously (in PD mode) to data acquisition software via the USB virtual COM port, enabling the display of breakaway torque profiles.

 IMADA DI-12 Features

  • Selectable units: lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-m units available
  • Breakaway, Peak and Real Time measuring modes (selectable)
  • USB virtual COM port sends 80 data/second or peak data
  • Both CW and CCW operation

 IMADA DI-12 Specifications

  • Display: 4 digit LCD display
  • Accuracy: ±1% F.S., 1LSD
  • Operation: Both CW and CCW motorized rotation
  • Measurement Modes
    PP: Displays PEAK Torque value that will not change until a higher value is measured.
    TR: Displays TRANSIENT torque values.
    PD: Determines breakaway and yield torque (CW only) If a breakaway torque value is detected, the green indicator will light, and tester rotation will stop automatically.
  • Output: Virtual RS-232 (9600 bps): PP 1 peak data, PD 80 data/sec.
  • Auto-power-off: After 5 minutes of non-use.
  • Dimensions: Detector: 44mm diameter × 190mm length, 1/4" hex drive Indicator: 87mm W × 108mm D × 33mm H

IMADA DI-12 Ranges

Model   Capacity   Approx. RPM Recommended Thread Sizes
  lbf-in kgf-cm N-m    
DI-12-SL4 0.30 – 35.00 0.30 – 40.00 0.030 - 4.000 N-m 0.7 #6~#10 (M3~M5)
DI-12-SL15 3.0 – 130.0 3.0 – 150.0 0.30 - 15.00 N-m 0.7 #10~5/16" (M5~M8)

 IMADA DI-12 Dimensions

What’s Included?
All testers come with a 3-Point Certificate traceable to NIST. ISO-17025 Certificates are available at an additional charge. All testers are sold in a complete kit with tester, hard plastic carrying case, and AC adapter/charger.The DI-12  can run on internal rechargeable batteries or the AC adapter/charger.

Ordering info

As a canadian distributor of Imada Force and Torque Measuring Instruments products we stock most of these Non-Impact Torque Tester & Gauges for same day shipping. To enquire on the Imada DI-12-SL Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester availability and current list price please contact us.

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